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_ The Daily Cour

Friday, January 17. 1718,

A curious Piece being lately Printed at the Hague (fup- ‘' fo. The Turks defir’d’ nothing more pofed to come from/an eminent Hand) Entitled, Peace with the Empetour. ft was in reagan Sa i Confiderations pp the Memoria! Pre fented to the States a encore lt qnly, chat the Tarks broke w ee General of the United Provinces, Sept. 24) 1717, faw very well thar it was by Mon. the Marquis de Beresti Landi, and upoo Wag with the Vi

the Crrcular Letter of Monf. the Marquis de Grimalde, © communicated by thar Minifter te their High Mighti- |. milfs :

We here give an Abftra& of. it. Glory

6 6! H E World had along time defir'd to learn-the Pye se which indu- See eipsie Duke of Anjou to the En- “€ terprize upon Sardighia, and the Reafons whereby he pretended to pos a Colour upon it. At laft a Piece emitted by his and feat « his Order to diversCourts, has inftru@ed the F ‘* Publick therein. The Marquis vey shaper his « * Ambafladour in Holland, has i to itene of his © « Fafhion, which is in all Refpe@ts very fingular. We « i sad ig by a. “* thall oct ftop to criticize wan it, it being not his «. Yue 4 ¢ himte Eloquence we have to do with. M. de Beretti ad as Sf “Al ee and Fe une neat ie ing ae ha

be allowed in being ignorant in the Art of —s

“<but not in as he does, fromthe Re the Wer doe to.the fi ee ee i intrely oy’ i i upon Sovereign States to his Prej ot ip Beadrolls of falfe ions, and hive no Exience but tole be pater

"which never enterd into the E Thoughts, “*Tis not to be doubted that the Im rial Court has given the neceflary Orders Onde co he


e employ abroad to anfwer this Memoxial

«+ tnd the Lester oF Made Gri

“* time,as thefe 2 Pieces are

. 3s be ee apa -

: Sates ie ele Cag is Affair... We

« ee Nicien'’ tarps lags qo half Europe arm’din the oufe of Auftria, and the

Grandfather to the Duke of

Di thought bimfelf ha

for his Partition, remain'd of all hey e had the Satisfation to fee the Imperial vacate the Principality of 13 agg, and

ert wise lawful Im 1 Pro- 5 It eo :

sur was wilt give, open’ ie Asia » of ling fai in his Favour, a “* granting him two payee Subfidies, one of

* so0000 Ducars 8 n the Bec taftical Revenues in

Spain, antic oe) ofs oe ase $ uae we confider the Sdeso0 that were ¢ d from that Prince,

ad if we pag Sraieely Ecclefiaftieal Motel ns he poffffes already. _ °° ' _[ This Piece foall beconsinued in our next. ]

Londen, Januery"27. - ¥elterday South Sea Stock was 1183 119, 18 3.qrs. to.s18 7 Sths, Bank 15521 f 155 34° 355 1 half, to.155.3 rs. India.io7, 207 1 qt. eh 3 a gts..to 207. Af a1, £0 20 1. half.

Mois nmi sn rk at fach Cheeft pers ae Are wile Hofpital with Gloucefter- fire or Cambridge Butter, may give in : , fealed ap, om hy 25th ‘ah’ inthe Morsing, in the foid {

oy She ; ae ! \ vot a Come-

: . pre » Sie ter, fir T the King’s Theatre = “Thentre in che Hay. -Market,

oon pe

vertd tote Se ve gee the 18th,

a 7, 43 yi apersbty 7 Re SA a 2 a 4 of Comedians. > ee, in Little-Lincoln’s Inn- a ae ' Satnrday. Big die © be a 8 Ree pe west to epee e r Favs orden Ane Remar merge tg For the Renee of Mr. Mathew Dubourg, the Youth oe ‘@ T Mr. Hickford’s gree Roort in J

, nuaty, he pertora’d —— et Vocal and Loliru- mental Mufick, by the belt Malters: “With ferceal ‘sew Sos and pecterav’s by hin (ir. and sone Mrs. thicher. To achek, Tickets aay be hadacghe Boor pts +. each,

t in a Hackney Coach, by a

p Was tuken op nexe Door tu the Naygp’s-. @.u in

Bel yee Streeteiad ferdown a the ¢ hepter-

j Charch.yard,” Those 7 aClock; two Pieces or

or aoy that has fouod therm ill bring

wo ‘chs, at the Phot wx in Sc. Paul's Charch- td,

pe a Hi (andi ma wt

, oie. a t UE Air, oguire a Joke's

blue Mchsir, @ riybe in ,4 Coach andiMas- The Wists condistte

ws pas

mega ar peers , “LONDON, Primed b by 5. oni nd

Miiy eter _ mea 7 GA Wan Gee? Su

: ,

1 Clark, W. M. A. in Wa ick tan (Boards and) Gonigleatly qualifies Gentlemen id Wii t tick and Accounts for any Manner of Bufioels, with the weet Expedition Note, Every Mondag, Wednefday, and FriJay, Five w Seven a-Clock in the Rea , Perfne are inft: private at the aforefaid Place,

To be Let at Lady. day next.

A well accuftomed Mercer’s Shop; the Sign of the Boats Hess, at cheC or er of wood-nreet, iv Chee

ing the late Shop of Mr. Ja hn Wadesacceay’d, with Accomm “9 tioas in the Henle, Boquire ax ie fad souls.

1072 Garlix, 764 Hollands, 216 Dowlas,

with faudry otner Lioness, Mullins, und Wailicoes, and 50 sales of

Ruflia Linen 5‘ will be put up to Sale by the Candle, this Day, the 17th Iottanr, at 3 eae: fo the afternoon, at

Crown C fice houfe behind th R bachange 5 and are to be feen at the Publick Sale Soeur cede Woy dinage till that

Time, Tobe Sold at Second Hand op ouatE Preffes, Cafes of Holes, Sathes, s, Shutters, Arches, Hacche., Desks, Goldfm ths a:.d Toym

Show-G ‘daa an intire ve Tojmon' Shop” with Deawers and Sathes ¢ whereby much Time and peg 2 may de faved in fitting up Shope and Warehoufes, ac Mr. poh, Lar ah apf Yard in Moor-Lane near Moors fields. Where wanes for aniy Quantity of the above;

entioned ae

or SAL ‘the CANDLE, eat the ara e in Birchin-

; ce in Yar id wide ste pl pon Me armed

White and dyed shal loons, By Clothe, + uly made vores Frizes, Duroys, Saga- foot i and prirof ine tro G aig 3 \Geale va

« Tron Gates, or man’a Garden. The faid Goo.ts-to be feen at the Pubick- r beep mod a Leatherf Uer’s-Hall Sale. Artur Mckvwcsing. Ksloaging Se

This-is give Notice, “That che the 13 ‘om Pipes ot Conjaé Bracey, lately offer’d to Sale at fo iow a Pimce as 75. 6. d. per Galion 5 thafe to whom it was offer’d, geethtnntns tos whole Quantiry, the Merchant is cow refolv’d for «ne convenieacy

Houfes, &c.) to Ketail them at the

“ss Coc per tee erly

WN. B. died he ine pe bhai Mare

Yefterday was Publithed,

aft Anfwer to a ;Calumny

bd , by the Reverend Br. Sher Deao of

fer, FAR ys a of bi sew Book, pol v of

the Corporation and Telt Adts, &c. By Ber jimix, ee Bargor. “Printed for Jumes Knipton at the Crown, and Childe at the White Hart in St, Paul?’s Chorch yard. | Price 34,

This Day is Publifbed,

Pan and Syrinx, an O ra, as it is per- form'd at the Theatre Plc sastak st : Written by Mr Theo! beld, and fer 10 Mufick by Mr. Galliard. Princed for Mears, J: B owne, and #, Clay, without T.mple-Bar. Pr. 6d. and the gtr BE. dition of the Pef juror, pr. 64.

This Day is Publithed, The Cafe of the Forfeited Eflates in Scots

Isnd, confided tn « Leer rea Noble L--d.. Sold by J. Roceres ear the Oxford-Arms in Warwick lare, Price 8 d.

Re Publiied.

A Curious Prine; being 2 View of Blenheim, the Bouf- of his Grace John rougi in \ codftock Park near Oxford , Drawn and

of Imperial Paper, and proper to he framed with the New re lately done. Sold by Tho. : prinafeher, at the Golden Lion over-againt Serfeants In in ‘erfirect Where tre (old Battles of the Duke of Marl orsueh, of the fi ft anc beft Prints, all Sorts of Foreign Prints and Maps, at Reafrnble Rares

The Incomparable Powder for cleaning the Teeth,

which has given {0 :reat Satistettion 1 mcf >t the Nobility and Gentry in tend. ‘Scid only at Me-Malfey’s, Bookfetler, in $r: Mi- chacl’s Porch in Gornhilly ‘and at Mr. ‘Markham’s he thop at the 7 Stars under St. Duniten’s Bleetfreer once ais esicess Novel Lyra g aever fo be prese Sound to tz Old Age. It rors pa e paw = cag Fly the Tee epee Ach.

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